"It's impossible," said pride.

"It's risky," said experience.

"It's pointless," said reason.

"Give it a try," whispered the heart.



Hello! My name is Dia and I am the woman behind Four11 Photography. I am a beach loving, craft beer drinking, planner addict and I consider myself an introvert with an outgoing personality!


More importantly, I am a dedicated wife, mother, and friend. My number one priority has been raising my children, while also contributing to my families’ financial success.


Showing up for Taekwondo matches, assistant coaching for cheer, and being there to hear about their tough day at school was my number one priority. Owning my own business seemed like the next logical step for me to take. And so began this journey! (With my husbands' unwavering support and encouragement).


Four11 Photography was created to help empower working mothers to feel brave, proud, and strong. I believe building your business will allow you to enjoy more freedom, joy, and contentment in your life.


I know motherhood or life itself can feel all-consuming at times. By booking your personal branding sessions with me, you will have a consistent stream of content for your social media and marketing. I want to help tell your story, so you can connect with your customers on a much more personal level. As Seth Godin so accurately states, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”


I am passionate about empowering all women to find their voice, share their talents, and to lift other women up along with them.

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